Medifast Day 1

Today was Day 1 back on Medifast and, although it's not quite over yet, it has gone well!  As I said before, I will not be getting my shipment of food until Wednesday so I'm stuck having Medifast shakes for every Medifast meal until then.  I do love the shakes, but five times a day gets a little old!  Here's the shake:

I love the French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate shakes, and can tolerate the Banana and Strawberry ones.  I absolutely have to make them in the blender, though!  I put 5-6 ice cubes and one cup of water in the blender with one pack of shake mix and blend until the ice is completely smooth.  It usually takes about a minute. 

Medifast has what's called the 5&1 plan.  I eat 5 of their products a day and then one "lean and green" meal.  The lean and green meal can be divided in any way during the day.  It consists of protein, 3 green vegetable servings, and then 0-2 servings of healthy fat depending on which protein I chose to eat.  It usually ends up feeling like a TON of food!

After purging my refrigerator, freezer, and pantry this morning, I had to head to the grocery store.  I had an important first today---I actually used reusable bags instead of getting plastic ones at the store!!  I really enjoyed how much easier it is to carry in the groceries in these bags.  I felt really dumb taking this picture in the parking lot:
BUT, I was so proud of myself for doing something good for the environment!!

Last time that I did Medifast, I was really mad at myself for not taking before pictures so that I could compare my after look.  Well, I remembered this time around!  I had Cadence take these pictures for me (which explains why I'm in her playroom!):

I cannot believe how much weight I have gained, but at least I feel better knowing that I am back on track to lose it.  Medifast recommends waiting for a couple of weeks to begin exercising with the program if you haven't already been exercising consistently.  So, I will just be doing the diet program for now. 

Now to show some cute pictures to get those images out of your mind!  Mason, Cadence, and I have season tickets to the Atlanta Falcons.  I thought I would show much Cadence grew in a year--first a picture of her last year and then just a couple of weeks ago!

My baby has grown so much!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year's!  Who knows if I will even still be awake at midnight!

I'm on a Mission...

I'm on a run the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon NEXT February.  As in 2014.  I'm realistic enough to know that I won't be achieving this goal by February 2013!  So who wants to come with me?  (Amanda, I'm looking at you!)

Even I think that my goal sounds a little crazy right now.  For starters, I'm overweight.  The most overweight I've ever been.  I weigh even more than I did when I was about to deliver my daughter (7 years and I'm still trying to lose baby weight!).  I have almost 70 lbs to lose and I would be lying if I said that I am not completely overwhelmed with that number.  Another reason my goal to run a half marathon is crazy is that I haven't run consistently in forever.  And due to two unfortunate injuries in my past--a broken foot (on a cruise) and a busted up knee (fell UP 2 brick steps)---my body works against me when I try to run any distance more than a couple of times.  But, I have promised myself that I am going to take this slow and build up to running again.  More than anything, I have to overcome my fear of running outside instead of on the treadmill in the privacy of my bedroom.  I CAN do this and I am excited to start.  I'm tired of feeling unhealthy and uncomfortable with myself.  I'm ready to feel and be healthy again.

I know that I have lots of changes to make with my lifestyle in order to accomplish my goal.  Losing weight and changing how I eat has to come first.  I have decided that I will start Medifast again on Monday (the 31st--gotta get a jump on New Year's!).  I did Medifast last year from July to December and lost about 50 lbs.  It was the easiest, hardest thing I have done to lose weight, but it worked for me and I enjoyed it.  I got sick with a cold last December and went off plan for what I said would be one day.  One day turned into two days, then "I'll start back on Monday", then after Christmas, then after New Year's, and that brings me to a year later.  I am beyond mad at myself that I completely wasted everything that I had accomplished during those months.  I am determined not to let that happen again and to make it to the transition and maintenance phase this time around.  I will be talking more about Medifast later---so much so that you will get tired of hearing about it.  This is a plan that I strongly believe in and know works for me. 

So my Medifast products won't be hear until Wednesday, but I promised to start on Monday, so start on Monday I will.  I have some boxes of Medifast shakes left over from last time so it looks like Monday and Tuesday will consist of 5 shakes each day to go with my lean and green meal.  Oh well, I figure it's a great way to kickstart myself on the program!

So here goes my mission.....Welcome!