Catching Up

Whew!  We are back into the swing of school at our house.  Cadence started back to first grade and Mason back to radiology tech classes.  Because of Mason's clinical schedules, I have been working a crazy schedule of on one night, off one night, and repeat.  Between packing lunches for all of us, doing homework, trying to sleep, and working 12 hour shifts, I am tired already!  So this post will be a mix of all kinds of things I've been meaning to write about!

I am excited to say that I started back exercising this week!  I'm planning on working out at home for awhile before heading back to the gym.  Mainly because my workout clothes are all mostly too small and I would rather lose weight at home first instead of having to buy new clothes for the gym!  I started the Couch 2 5K (C25K) program and also I started over doing Jillian Michael's Body Revolution.  I had previously made it through 6 weeks of Body Revolution and loved it so I am glad to be back at it.  So far the running is going good, and I love have a C25K app on my phone.  It's mostly walking with a little bit of jogging mixed in.  My knee is starting to wake up and voice it's opinion about me running.  I bought some KT Tape and plan on using that to help.  If you haven't seen KT Tape, check out their website.  Very cool kinesiology tape in fun colors and very helpful explanations of how to tape for all kinds of aches and pains.  The tape stays on for 2 weeks at a

Macon is having a Mud Run on March 16th as part of the Cherry Blossom Festival Events (yay it's almost Cherry Blossom time--the absolute BEST time to live in Macon).  I have registered and plan to run with some friends from work.  I can't wait--it looks like tons of fun.  And it conveniently is happening right as I should finish C25K.

I also happened across a great fitness deal.  I never watch the news, but last week as I was taking down the Christmas tree I had put the TV on Good Morning America.  They were doing a lot of talking about health and fitness and had special deals on products for that day only.  I saw a product that Gaiam was selling for half price!  With shipping costs, it came to $67.99, which was nice since Mason's mom had given me a $70 VISA gift card for Christmas!  It came today and I can't wait to use it tomorrow!
They fail to mention that part of the workout is inflating the two rings!  You can deflate the rings some to make the platform even more unstable as you get stronger.  It seems to be very good quality.

I can hardly move because of this lady:
But I do love Jillian Michaels and am so excited that she has returned to the Biggest Loser!!  I absolutely love that show.  Dolvett is my favorite, but I am glad to have Jillian back, too!  Anna Kournawhatever was a huge FAIL as a trainer.  That season was annoying.  I love the idea of having the kids on the show this time around.  Cadence loves watching the show with us, too!

Today was a big day---Cadence got her hair chopped off!!

Her hair looks so cute--this picture doesn't even show how cute!  And it is such a relief that not have to comb out all that thick hair!  Here's how long it had gotten:
We also did a little redecorating in Cadence's room today.  I will take pics and share soon!

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