Sour Patch Grapes

I love candy, so when I found this recipe on Pinterest for Sour Patch Grapes, I had to try them.  They were so incredibly easy to make and are delicious!  And, they are really pretty!

You can use any flavor of Jell-O, but I chose to use Melon Fusion.  All you do is wash the grapes, leaving them wet.  Then, I poured some of the Jell-O mix into a small bowl.  I put about two grapes at a time into the bowl of mix and just shook it around to coat the grapes.  The Pinterest post I read said to put some of the mix on a plate and to use your fingers or a spoon to roll the grapes around.  I found that using a small bowl was much easier.  I ended up using the whole small box of Jell-O for one bag of grapes.  The original post said to refrigerate the grapes for at least an hour.  I actually put them in the freezer for about an hour so that they were really cold, but not frozen.  Yummy!! 


  1. I tried this today using red grapes and the melon fusion jello. Very cool!