It's Time...

In the words of my favorite Falcons fan Samuel L. Jackson, "This is OUR time, Atlanta.  We've been knocking on the door and now it's time to blow it up!!"  It's playoff time and I cannot wait for Sunday in the Georgia Dome!  RISE UP ATLANTA!

I LOVE everything about the Falcons and going to games. I will never lose the excitement I feel everytime I am at a game. I frequently have tears in my eyes or my hands are shaking just simply from being overwhelmed with emotion!   If you have never been to a game in the Georgia Dome, then you are really missing out!  Try not to get chill bumps when this plays at kickoff:

Now imagine how excited I was last year at the homeopener against Philadelphia when Samuel L. Jackson surprised everyone at the Dome and came on the field to tell us to "Rise Up" in person!!  Wow---I have never heard the crowd go more crazy than that moment!

I have lots of "favorites" at the games and with the Falcons in general.  I pretty much will at some point say that everything is my favorite, OK?!?  But here is a list of my favorites (in no particular order):

1.  The moment right before the Falcons take the field and they show on the big screen the players walking out of the locker room into the tunnel.  This one never gets old!  This is definitely a tears in my eyes moment.

2.  Watching the Falcons warm up to "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins.  They do this at every game and I love watching to see which player(s) can't resist breaking into the "Mike Tyson this is my favorite part routine"!  Hilarious!

3.  Seeing several of the players kneeling in the end zone to pray during all the chaos of the seconds before kickoff.  And also, seeing players from both team meet and pray in the center of the field after the game.

4.  Anything Asante Samuel does.  Seriously I love that guy!  He has brought so much heart to this team.

5.  When Sean Weatherspoon makes an awesome play and we get to all yell "Spoon!" while making the motion of eating something with a spoon!

6.  Watching the team get pumped up during warmups, including lots of dancing!  And, noticing how Roddy White NEVER gets in the huddle with the rest of the team.  He always walks around the outside.

7.  Arthur Blank.  Period.  He asked Cadence to marry him when she met him at training camp.  She was the child running after him saying, "Mr. Blank! Mr. Blank!"  I sure do wish she had said yes!  He is such a good owner and has done so much for the Falcons.  His life story is very interesting.  AND, he is a runner. I love this quote from him.

8.  The videos they made this year to get the crowd LOUD when the defense is on the field.  They show different defensive players telling us to make some noise.  And it works!  There is also one for when the offense is on the field telling us to be quiet.  That one is actually the funniest!

9.  The ohohohoh song!!  Ahh this is a good one---you don't understand my excitement when this plays!!
10.  Anytime we make it through a game without doing a wave.  Yes, I am a wave hater.  My main problem is that this should be reserved from boring old baseball games with fans are watching game number 2,343 of the year and they are 6 hours into a game and it's only the 7th inning :)  (I don't like baseball--buy a time clock and control that mess!)  At a football game, a wave ends up having the crowd get loud at times that we shouldn't be.  And it's dumb, anyway.

11.  Roddy White.  He is my all-time favorite Falcon.  He was the first player that I really starting following and loving.  And he has changed so much---he used to get in fights all the time (Rowdy Roddy) but he is better about that now.  He is an awesome receiver and I love to watch him play. This is my favorite picture of Matt Ryan and Roddy White.
12.  The drumline.  I think that the Falcons drumline is awesome and love to watch them play!

13.  Leaving the Dome after a big win (that happened a lot this season!!).  There is lots of excitment and chants going on as we all file out.

14.  Thomas Decoud.  This video says enough!

15.  Listening to the next game on the way home in the car!

16.  Everything that goes into game day!  Adrenaline rush and excitment all day long!

Now go on this little tangent with me quickly.  I'm beginning to like Cam Newton and that's crazy!  I have not liked him for so long, plus now he plays in our division so I have more reason not to like him.  But these 3 commercials have changed my mind.  Poundcake.  French Fries.
Hilarious! Love the "Cam cam!"

I'm sure that I will think of a thousand more things that I love about the Falcons.  This is a good start!  I am beyond excited for the game on Sunday and hope we keep on our road to the SuperBowl.  Thank goodness for "Dome" Field advantage.  The crowd is not going to make this easy on Seattle.  Atlanta is encouraging all of us to get in our seats early and be LOUD!  I know that I will be!

Rise Up Atlanta!!

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